a date with myself


This post may not be what you were expecting to read. It’s a strange topic- I know- but I’ve embraced “dating myself” the past several months and it’s been awesome. I highly recommend it. Today, I had some unexpected time off. Over-joyed, I texted several friends seeing if anyone was available to do some exploring with my camera and I, but the rest of the world was at school or work or busy in some other way, so I was alone. At first I was a little bummed but it didn’t take long for me to see this as a blessing in disguise.

I used to have a habit of over-booking my schedule. I hated being alone because I hated myself, so I spent every moment possible focused on my surroundings and actively avoiding what was going on internally. When I started the journey of loving myself well, it took a long time just to take the first few steps. I found that if I didn’t have alone time- no matter how much I hated it- I would never get better. I’ve also always weighed heavy on the extrovert scale, so it was a hell of a process to make myself value the alone time that I now have as a part of my weekly routine. I’ve become better at prioritizing this crucial part of life, and because of this I find it feeling more and more natural to be fully present. You’re way more likely to enjoy every day life if you make a point to slow down and pay attention to yourself every so often. There’s nothing wrong with being around people a ton, but how could you possibly learn to enjoy your own company if you never get a moment alone in your own head? Just something to think about. But enough with the serious stuff…

For my alone time today, I went to a few of my favorite spots in Paris. It’s challenging for me to round up what all of my favorite things in this city are- there’s just way too many- but what you see above are definitely on the list. I spent the day (after sleeping in) walking around the Palais Royale area down to the Notre Dame, soaking up the beautiful city. It’s the little things in life for me, so I spent the day relishing it all: a cappuccino and pastry in Odette while I wrote in my journal, to reading a new book in Shakespeare & Company. When you go on a date with a person you’re interested in, you’re very intentional about getting to know more about them and enjoying their company, so why not be equally intentional with yourself?


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