Musée Picasso

Among the many museums in Paris I want to visit, Musée Picasso was next on the list and lucky for me, there was an awesome exhibition going on (‘Picasso-Giacometti’, which will be present until February 5th). Disclaimer: not all of the photos below are from the Picasso-Giacometti exhibition, some are just long standing Musée Picasso pieces.

I know next to nothing about art. My opinions of it all are often shallow and over-simplified such as, “Ooh, that one is pretty!” You will never hear me say, “I wonder what the artist’s motive was behind that color scheme…” It’s not because I don’t care, it’s just because the thought literally doesn’t even cross my mind. But being a semi-regular-museum-goer nowadays, I have become more aware of that and have started attempting to pay more attention to the story behind each piece.

That being said, this museum is really cool because of what you learn about the exhibitions and pieces. For example, Giacometti was an artist that Picasso took under his wing. There is an obvious difference between their styles so it’s pretty cool to walk through the exhibition and learn about the inner-workings of their relationship during the time they worked together.

BUT ANYWAY, enjoy the pretty photos. Sorry I haven’t posted very recently; you know how the holiday craze goes. I’m back on track now though, if I’m really disciplined I’ll continue posting once a week or so, stay tuned and Bonne Année!



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