The Seed

The photos below have nothing do to do with what I’m writing about but it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want SO… I heard some wonderful advice at church this week: “You will never be given the responsibilities of the entire farm until you learn how to first cultivate the seed.” Essentially what I got from it all was that God will give you the seed, but then it’s your job to water it. And not just a couple times, but consistently. Most of us already know this. We all know that seeds to finish growing over night, they’re a commitment. We hear something along those lines quite a lot; you know how it goes. Especially as a yoga teacher, I am constantly reminded to stay present in all that I do; but that doesn’t make it any easier.
I’m a planner. I think it is so fun to plan trips and parties and whatever else! That’s not a bad thing at all, but I’ve seen throughout my life that sometimes I get so excited and focused on what is coming that I don’t fully enjoy the things that are happening right now. If we want to cultivate a certain thing in life, we have to start smaller than we think we do. Dig deeper, look further in to the present moment and the present needs. Meditate on the things of now while keeping the future in the back of your mind. I truly believe it’s the key to success to master that.



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